An non-profit, interdisciplinary collaborative for research and exploration in science, engineering, mathematics, music, dance and visual art.


Epsilon Delta Labs was founded in September of 2014 as an experiment in interdisciplinary research and artistic exploration.


Our goal at Epsilon Delta Labs is to to help scientists, engineers, mathematicians and artists with a strong interest in interdisciplinary research find like-minded colleagues for new research and artistic projects. Are you a physicist who loves biology? A mechanical engineer with a passion for dance? A composer inspired by fluid dynamics? A geophysicist excited by applied math? If so, email !

Epsilon Delta Labs is an experiment. Currently, members of the lab are discussing and exploring questions like:

  • What is the best way for people from different fields to develop a shared language, choose a common goal, and establish trust?
  • What are the ways that researchers find new collaborators from other fields? Can we make it easier?
  • How important is interdisciplinary research to the overall progress of science? Is it inherently valuable?
  • How can we compare the research processes in different fields?
  • How can art be used to effectively communicate science to the public?
  • How can science be an effective part of an art-making process?
  • What are the roles of creativity, uncertainty and curiosity in art and in science?

If these sorts of questions interest you, please email !


2017 News

Members of the Far From Equilibrium team are presenting at the New Music Gathering on May 12th at Bowling Green State University! Come hear us talk about the challenges and rewards of "Science-Inspired Performance".

Visit our table at the March for Science Chicago Expo on March 22! Play with the Kelvin-Hemholtz tube, the chaos magnets, and the double pendulum! Participate in our new kinetic learning experiment! Brandon Waybright, Megan Rhyme, Elizabeth Hicks and Steve Tarzia will be talking about Far From Equilibrium and Elizabeth will also explain her current research project.

2016 News

Far From Equilibrium is continuing in 2016! Megan Rhyme and Elizabeth Hicks have been joined by composer Roger Zare, who is composing a new clarinet quartet inspired by turbulence. We've also assembled an interdisciplinary group (Brandon Waybright, David Sopchik, Mary Wu, Nick Marchuk, Steve Tarzia, Andy Hudson, Megan Rhyme, Elizabeth Hicks and Roger Zare) to develop a new "interactive research environment" for our audience to explore. Ask your own questions about the double pendulum, generate your own turbulent flow, improvise your own turbulence dance, or write your own composition. Unleash your curiosity and experience research, creativity and collaboration in a whole new way. Come experience Far From Equilibrium: Curiosity, Creativity, Uncertainty this summer at Links Hall and Chicago Parks!

Steve Tarzia has received a Knight Lab Professional Fellowship to continue his data journalism project, Gun Memorial. Read more about the challenges of his project here!

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2015 News

We recently performed "Far From Equilibrium: An Artistic Exploration of Turbulence" on October 17th, 2015 at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry! "Far from Equilibrium" is a dance collaboration between Megan Rhyme and Elizabeth Hicks. Find out more on our project website!


Epsilon Delta Labs is currently located in Evanston, IL (USA), but we welcome collaborators from across the nation and around the world.


Regretfully, we are unable to offer jobs or funding at this time.